Stick News - Brings you all the fresh news from Stickopolis - Issue nr. 5 - October, 11th 2002 - We're there when it happens

If you know any happening worth mentioning please send it to and get your name on print.

Stickman killed by his hunger
Stickman got killed when he tried to get a snack at night. Stickwife had locked the fridge door...

Stickman blew himself up
Stickman blew him self up in a try to get rid of his neigerbours tree.

Stickman killed by self
Stickman Kicked to death mid day!
2000.03.11 - Stickman dead by running into a tree! [more]
2000.03.11 - Two stickmen dead by only one punch! [more]
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